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(Anhui Precheza Titanium Dioxide Technology Co., Ltd.),是捷克爱格富集团公司在华投资的外商独资企业,成立于2006年6月。 公司致力于钛白粉及其副产品的生产,其专有技术来源于1893年成立的捷克普热罗夫Precheza工厂(Precheza a.s.Prerov)。该现代化硫酸法大规模钛白生产技术曾于二十世纪九十年代即成功的移植到中国(甘肃404厂和济南裕兴化工总厂),在中国钛白行业曾拥有很高的知名度。 公司的核心业务是为国内外用户提供符合欧洲质量标准的高档钛白粉无机颜料产品,并逐渐实现产品的专业化、系列化,同时为客户提供先进的应用方案,满足涂料、塑料、油墨、纸张、食品等用户的对高品质颜料的需求。 公司现有员工300余人,其中包括外籍专家、国内钛白行业知名专家、高级工程师等专门人才,也有来自国内大中型企业的高级管理人员加盟。 同时,依靠国外集团公司近40年的钛白粉生产和营销经验,我们在全世界拥有庞大的行销网络,并且拥有强大的技术支持团队,长期以来为客户提供了可靠的服务,“客户利益至上”是我们一贯的坚持。 我们将努力成为中国国内钛白行业生产技术、产品质量、环境保护的领跑者,坚持走多品种、高质量、低成本扩张、无污染生产、可持续发展的道路,不断引进国外的先进技术,并且与国内外客户一道,共创公司美好的明天! 选择超彩,选择精彩! Anhui Precheza Titanium Dioxide Technology Co.,Ltd., established in June 2006, is a wholly foreign-owned company invested by Agrofert Holding a.s. The company specializes in producing titanium dioxide and its by-product. Its sulfate process technology is originated from Precheza a,s, Prerov which was established in 1893 and was ever transferred its sulfate rutile production know-how to China in early 1990s (CNNC 404 Plant and Jinan Yuxing Chemical General Plant). The company’s core business is to supply consumers with the top-grade titanium dioxide which conforms to the Euro quality standards, and to realize the professionalization and serialization of products gradually. Meanwhile, we offer customers advanced application solutions to meet the requirements for high quality pigments in coating, plastic, ink, paper, food industries and so on. There are over 300 headcounts in the company at present including special talented personnel such as foreign experts, well-known experts in the titanium dioxide industry of China, senior engineers and the top managers from domestic large enterprises as well. In the meanwhile, based on the 40 years’ production and marketing experience in titanium dioxide of Agrofert, we own huge marketing network all over the world and strong technical support team to provide our customers with reliable service. We persist that to create value for customers are always our top priority. We always make great effort to turn into the pacemaker of production technology, quality and environment protection in the titanium pigment industry of China. We stick to more varieties, high-quality, low-cost expansion, cleaner production, sustainable development and continued introduction of foreign advanced technology. We would like to create a bright future together with our customers both at home and abroad. 电话:0562-5327510 传真:0562-5327510 联系人:王小姐 公司网址:http://www.precheza.cn 邮箱:[email protected] 地址:中国安徽铜陵金城工业园 邮编:244100 展开 公司地址:安徽省铜陵市金城工业园区 (邮编:244100) 地图

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